The concept for the CamoCup® came into being by Annette Schröder, the creative head of HOPPEDIZ®. And it was a very personal need. Annette, as the mother of a daughter suffering from trisomy 21, tried to find a drinking cup that is easy enough to handle and enhances learning to drink in an optimal manner. That was in 2007, and her efforts were not crowned by success.

At a very early stage, Annette Schröder emphasised the treatment concept of the Castillo Morales Centrum in Mülheim which helped her daughter Nina to develop remarkably and make significant progress. After weaning, she tried again and again to teach Nina to drink from cups and bottles – unfortunately with no success. Finally, she developed together with Jörg R. Prüß, the founder of the Castillo Morales Centrum in Mülheim/Ruhr, the idea to design a cup which will help learning to drink and which is clearly distinguishable from other drinking aids.

The concept

The form of the CamoCup® resembles two hands trying to scoop water from a well. The, thereby produced, groove provides for a specific and well metered flow of the beverage. Bumps in the lower lip area act synergistically and stimulate the swallowing reflex.

Together with Jörg R. Prüß, Annette Schröder developed a first prototype of the CamoCup®, based on deep knowledge in the field of neuro-psychological therapy. This prototype has been tested in a two year monitoring phase and with different therapy situations. Dr Rodolfo Castillo Morales surveyed and accompanied this project.

The result: Nina as well as other children in the integrative kindergarten, but also children in the Centrum accepted the CamoCup® at once, and they quickly learnt to drink without help. Since then, the CamoCup® has been in daily use in the integrative kindergarten and Centrum.

Due to the positive response and the high demand, the mass production of the CamoCup® started in 2011, and since December it has been available in red, yellow, and blue. The cup is made in Germany from non-toxic materials.

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