Therapeutic background

CamoCup® has been specially developed for infants, children, and adults with suction difficulties, drinking disorder, and dysphagia in order to develop their sensorimotor abilities to the fullest extent. Furthermore, it is suitable for all children who need to learn to drink.

Together with Jörg R. Prüß from the Castillo Morales Centrum in Mülheim/Ruhr a prototype was developed which was intensively analysed and tested in a two year monitoring phase.

Dr Rodolfo Castillo Morales surveyed and accompanied the development of the CamoCup®. The core idea of the CamoCup® is the holistic therapy concept of the Centrum which is based on two-way communication, conveying security and self-confidence.

CamoCup® - the primeval form of thirst-quenching

The form of the CamoCup® is innovative: it resembles twohands trying to scoop water from a well – by this simulating the primeval form of thirst-quenching. The, thereby, produced groove provides for a specific and well metered flow of the beverage. Bumps in the lower lip area act synergistically and stimulate the swallowing reflex.

Little children are motivated to drink independently because the beverage is well visible through the large opening of the CamoCup®. The colourful cup can be securely clasped with both hands, and it can stand safely on its broad base after drinking.

CamoCup® is suitable

  • as an aid to learn to drink for infants and little children
  • as a drinking aid for children and adults with suction difficulties, drinking disorder, and dysphagia
  • as a drinking aid for stroke patients
  • as a drinking aid in geriatric care
  • for ALL who enjoy the CamoCup®!