Worth knowing

Please find below some practical hints for the best handling of CamoCup® which will make it much easier to learn to drink.

  1. Thoroughly rinse the CamoCup® prior to its first use. It is dishwasher-safe.

  2. Allow the person who is drinking from the cup to get familiar with the CamoCup®, to hold it in his/her hands, and to get a feel for the drinking vessel. It is important to understand the concept of this new drinking mug, both for toddlers and people suffering from dysphagia.

  3. Start with little sips to give the person using the cup the opportunity to sense the quantity, temperature, and taste of the beverage.

  4. Don’t be demotivated if the beverage is now and then spilled in the beginning. Independent drinking with an open mug must be learnt, and the drinking quantity should be raised slowly.

  5. The CamoCup® must not be used to warm beverages in the microwave oven.

  6. Avoid filling it with very cold or hot beverages, and check the temperature before handing over the mug.

  7. Don’t let toddlers use the CamoCup® unattended.

  8. The CamoCup® is also suitable for people who cannot sit upright and must, therefore, drink in a semi-sitting position. Attention: Due to the risk of swallowing the wrong way, the CamoCup® must not be used when lying.

  9. In case of serious swallowing difficulties, you should train first on the handling of the CamoCup® with a doctor or a therapist.

  10. The CamoCup® is suitable for all beverages, such as water, tea, juices, and milk.

  11. The width of the beak can be enlarged or narrowed, if necessary.

  12. The CamoCup® is purposely made of a soft material in order to take care of the teeth and to minimise the risk of damage (particularly to the face). Due to the soft material, teeth impressions might become visible which, however, do not influence the function of the CamoCup®.

  13. There is no cover for the CamoCup® since the mug is made of flexible material, and the development and production of a spill proof cover would go along with very high costs. Furthermore, hygienic reasons prohibit the use of a cover with the CamoCup®. Take beverages in a lidded bottle with you and then fill it into the cleaned CamoCup® just before use.