The CamoCup is unlike other cups for learning to drink. Compare them yourself:

Drinking aid




Learning effect


Feeding cup

In order to drink from a feeding cup the drinker must suck just like using a drinking bottle. The suction valve determines how strong the suction movement must be.

A protection against leakage prevents the beverage from spilling when drinking.

Studies revealed that the suction movements with a feeding cup can cause undesirable disorders in the physical development such as malpositioned teeth or dysphagia.

Scientists are of the opinion that feeding cups are only another form of drinking bottles and, therefore, cannot be compared to a drinking cup.

Cleaning of feeding cups is quite complex because of their suction valves with protection against leakage, and the surface is wide open to attacks.


In order to drink from a mug, the drinker does not grasp the pot directly, but instead uses the handle.

The open pot gives the drinker the sensation to drink from a ‘real’ cup which is a distinction from drinking bottles.

Little children and people with motor disabilities often have problems controlling mugs because the pot cannot be grasped directly. There is a risk that the beverage is spilled due to an uncontrolled movement.

When using a mug, the shoulder, neck and mouth area is completely tense. The unnatural posture disturbs the swallowing movement and thus the possibility to learn a natural drinking action.

Due to the wide opening, mugs can be easily cleaned.


The open pot is grasped with both hands firmly and securely.

The open pot gives the drinker the sensation to drink from a ‘real’ cup which is a distinction from drinking bottles. Furthermore, the handling corresponds to the natural drinking action and quickly confers the feeling of independence to the drinker.

Due to the secure hold and the best enhancement of motor abilities, specialists do not identify any disadvantage when using CamoCups.

Already when holding the CamoCups, natural reactions such as increased salivation, tongue clicking, pursing lips, or chewing and swallowing actions are initiated. The drinker learns fast to drink independently and without pressure.

Due to its wide opening, cleaning of the CamoCup is easy. It is dishwasher-safe.